Location: Phoenix, AZ

This modern ranch is situated on 2 ½ acres under the Praying Monk on the North side of Camelback Mountain. The home was originally built in 1960 and extensive alterations had been made over time which required variance approvals and stabilization of the hillside. All non-native plants were removed and the hillside stabilized through the use of boulders and plantings of desert flora. The original foot print was reused and additional space added to enhance the modest 3,500 square foot home. The living areas were opened up providing distant views to the north as far as Black Mountain and ridge line views to Camelback itself uphill to the south.

Red sand stone walls of Sedona Creek rubble where salvaged and red flagstone walls now adorn the retaining walls and house anchoring the structure to the colorations of the mountain and existing home. The wrap around windows of the living spaces provide a 180 degree view of the Town of Paradise Valley. Shade screens were ingeniously designed as part of the window system disappearing when sun and privacy are not a concern. The concrete floors of the interior extend out to exterior patio spaces through large expansive doors that accordion open to bring the outdoors in. Volume is achieved the old fashioned way with vaulted beam ceilings giving rise to interior spaces while maintaining a horizontal line which complements the mountain.