French Cottage

This rustic cottage squeezed a four bedroom house with all the features of a larger house into a 3,000 square foot home. The neighborhoods 17′-0″ height limit required a narrow floor plan to fit the homes  steep pitched roof under. The result is a single loaded plan that floods the interior with light and connects the living spaces to the front and rear courtyards, allowing the interior to expand and connect outside. Although recently built new, rustic materials where used to give the home an “evolved” feeling of an older home. Salvaged barn beams, used brick and French oak floors give the interior a feeling of warmth and timeless beauty. The living space features a French limestone fireplace surround serving as a focal point to the living space. An organizing element used throughout the home is referred to as “enfilade” or the lining up of spaces and rooms. This allows the small home to feel transparent and the spaces to flow into one another. The rooms and furniture orientations capitalize on the stunning view of Camelback Mountain to the north of the home. The angled cul-de-sac lot enables the master suite to open to the mountains peak.

Another important feature of the home is a rear sited garage allowing the home to front on two separate streets doubling the curb appeal. This avoids the trap of a typical six foot side yard wall encircling the property and turning a blank face to homes facing the side of this property. The neighboring homes now look onto a beautiful side yard that also serves as a dog run allowing the homes two Labradors to socialize with the pedestrian traffic in the neighborhood. Yes we even think about the family pooch!