Location: Paradise Valley, AZ

A Modern Ranch house situated in a gated community in Paradise Valley. Historical height restrictions protecting neighboring views to Camelback Mountain limited the height of the home. The solution incorporates a scissor truss allowing ducting and electrical wiring to pass easily through the structure while increasing the volume of the interior spaces. An intimate front courtyard serves as the homes front porch allowing connection to the busy pedestrian life streetside. The rear facing patio incorporates steel ladder columns for vines to soften the transition from house to yard. The rear patio frames views to the head of Camelback Mountain. High linear windows frame the ridgeline while offering indirect light and privacy from the nearby neighbor. Sliding wood “gates” pocket into the kitchen counter and walls keeping the pups at bay when necessary. Sloped ceilings give volume to the intimate interior living spaces. Booked matched slabs of travertine and a decoratively carved marble lintel adorn the fireplace.