Location: Phoenix, AZ

Set on an irrigated one acre lot this home was designed to evoke the pastoral roots of the areas dairy farms that once dotted the north central part of Phoenix. Although recently constructed in whole the home appears as a conglomeration of simply gabled outbuildings that are connected by lower sloping metal shed roofs. The main “older” living volume is articulated with a banded brick pattern while Its interior space is defined with salvaged barn beams giving the “original” home a unique depth and aged character. The rear of the home features a “cement pond” with attached guesthouse and cabana.

The side entry garage utilizes the vent cupola as a skylight for the attic storage area. Banded grass strips replicate the once present banded fields of alfalfa and trees march through the driveway providing shade to parked cars. Warehouse light fixtures highlight the doors. A shed roof, knee braced to the south facing wall, protects the wooden doors that appear to open like an old stable.

Bi-folding doors connect the kitchen to the outdoor living room at the west side of the home. A studded vinyl covered pantry door designed by Bouton and Foley interiors ties in perfectly with the brass strapped hood and range top.

Brick, barn doors and old wooden ceiling beams give the illusion of a covered patio now being used as a hallway entrance to the master suite.