Location: Paradise Valley, AZ

This 5,000 square foot remodel took an old brick colonial and transformed it into a sophisticated French country home. The original home was gutted and new circulation redefined. French antique fireplaces were incorporated into the new home. Salvaged hand hewn beams were integrated into the structure giving the illusion of a home built decades ago. Rustic wood flooring and integral colored plaster walls provide a warmth to the interior. A detached three car garage houses a studio and office area and forms a private edge to one side of the property. Intimate outdoor courtyard were designed to be accessed through pairs of French doors. A separate family room volume was added for the Owners older children to enjoy. The scale and detail of the home harken back to another time when life was simple and craftsmanship was common.

Subsequent Ownership required a subterranean wine collection to be stored under the rear yard. The property was excavated and a stair descending from the dining room provides access to the 3,000 bottle wine cellar. A tasting room, bathroom and walk behind bar area turns the space into a fun living area that will also accommodate guests. The addition is covered by grass in the rear yard leaving the landscape undisturbed.